LiFePO4 12V Epsilon litiumakku

Epsilon 12V90Ah Lifepo4 Akulla voidaan helposti korvata perinteiset Lyijy ja AGM Lyijyakut. Epsilon soveltuu kaikentyyppisiin järjestelmiin,autoiluun, veneilyyn, sähköveneisiin, sähköautoihin ja muihin sähköä käyttövoimana käyttäviin laitteisiin. Epsilon on myös hyvä valinta esim. aurinkokennojärjestelmien energiavarastoksi.

Nomada 12 V 105 Ah DNV

Laadukas LiFePO4 12V Litiumakku

The Nomada 12V105Ah is a modular Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery with a rated capacity of 105 Ah. This new addition to our portfolio of lithium batteries has a compact and lightweight modular design which means you can easily scale up your energy system. The Nomada is mainly designed for use as a system …

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Super B

Many people dream of a simpler life without stress and with fewer belongings. Back to basics and more time for what’s really important. However, most of the time, the dreams remain just that and the idea doesn’t take off. On this page, we talk about the doers and epicureans who have made their dreams come …

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